Understanding domain names and web hosting services


The first steps to getting your company online is to get a domain name registered for your company and get web space (hosting) for any potential website you want to get designed.

You usually register domain names for a two year period and your hosting is paid annually in advance.

Domain Registration

To have a presence on the Internet and to carry out business, you will need at least one domain name registered for yourself or company. Using your business name with .com or another regional extension at the end of it (for example linkni.com or mycompany.co.uk) is the usual case. But sometimes you may register a name that may market your product or make people interested in visiting you from the name of your domain. (for example furnitureonline.com etc)

The best domain names are often the simple ones – short, memorable, clever and easy to spell and pronounce. Take www.linkni.com for example!

Web Hosting

Web hosting is server space allocated to you and your website – so that you can host your website files on it. This is required for every website. We have various hosting packages to suits clients needs. We also support our clients via email and telephone.

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